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Bill Patton - A New Kind Of Man VCR003

The new album from the essential Seattle chanteur, containing the international hits "Jenny From the Block" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

"The album certainly has its moments..."
-Robert Scallop (former contributor to Music Musings)

Side A:

“Jenny From The Block” (Jennifer Lopez/Troy Oliver/Mr. Deyo/Samuel Barnes/ Jean Claude Oliver/Jose Fernando Arbex Miro/Lawrence Parker/Scott Sterling/ Michael Oliver/David Styles/Jason Phillips)
"I Broke Your Toy"

Side B:

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" (John Lennon/ PaulMcCartney)
"The Color Of The Moon"
"I Don't Blame You"
"Oh Yoko" (Lennon)
"If I Had A Home"

Pressing Information

First 500 copies presented on opaque red vinyl with die-cut jacket and glossy inner-sleeve photo. Sounds fancy, right?